Sagmeister Inc.’s Public Display of Affection

As part of the collection “Things I have learned in my life so far”, design studio Sagmeister Inc. used 250,000 euro-cent coins to form the quote “Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Work Better” over a 300-sq.-meter area installation on Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam.

After completion, the coins were left unguarded. Less than 20 hours after the grand opening, local residents noticed a person bagging the coins and taking them away. Protective of the design piece they had watched being created, they called the police. In an effort to preserve the artwork, the police ended up sweeping the coins and destroying the work of more than 100 volunteers.

Collaborative work by Richard The, Joe Shouldice and Stefan Sagmeister. Original typography was created for this public installation entitled, Urban Play. Watch a time lapse video, here.

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