Elsa Creates Paper Magic!

Elsa Mora is a patient and metic­u­lously detailed multimedia artist living in LA, California. Her work has been showcased in many books and it is easy to see why. To see more, please check out her website, here. Her blog, here. And her Etsy.


85 Responses

  1. Very cool! This isn’t easy. How delicate your hand must have to be (and how sharp your xacto knife must stay) and how patient your demeanor to achieve these pieces. Thanks for posting!!

  2. Nandini

    It’s a brilliant artwork, neat, and very impressive. Hard to say it’s all paper. Amazing. I want all of’em 😀


  3. This is amazing! Such “constructive” (haha) use of paper… constructive… construction… OK, so maybe only I “see” the humor in this!

  4. Great blog! I saw your post on the front page today. I just happened to use one of Elsa’s print images in my post about my daughter’s heart yesterday. But thanks to you, I am now aware of the whole wonderland of Elsa Mora creations!

  5. Truly inspiring……I see how methodical and painstaking the cuts are and as you persevere with patience and precision the beautiful works of art come out! I feel motivated once again to continue on with my weightloss efforts. I blog daily about it and find inspiration in certain things, this, now being one of them. I know with patience and perseverence I, too, will mold myself into a beautiful piece of art….thank you for sharing…….

  6. rheajgurung

    Really neat- the structures and fine details. What paper do you use, if you’d like to share that is.

  7. Wow!!
    You’re really clever!! …I’d like to try it!!
    I always love paper, it’s one of the most creating thing man could have ever invent!

  8. Just a quick sentence!

    Would actually love to see you create something with the cut paper waste while making all these stuff which are truly wonderful.

    That art from waste might just be even awesome!

  9. Beloved

    This is gorgeous art. I love paper, textiles, typography, anything in design. The last illustration is so inspiring.

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