Isaac Salazar: Read It and Weep

Artist Isaac Salazar has created a series of book sculptures. Isaac meticulously hand folds each page to reveal 3D shapes and words. Each sculpture can take from a day to two weeks to finish. He was recently commissioned by Nordstroms to create wedding themed books which are on display in 12 locations. I am immediately impressed by the precision in his typography. On his Etsy site, Isaac explains the he is no longer creating custom order but you can sign up for his mailing list and be updated regularly of his latest creations.


3 Responses

  1. Nastasja

    That is great, I can always look at it: again and again and again…
    At the beginning I was a bit scared – my first thought: how can anyone do this to a book? But then again, I liked this way of “destroying” books. In anyway I admire people who do paperwork of any kind. It’s not only that it looks marvellous, it is tough and hard job and that should be respected. But many people do not know how much work actually hides behind a great art like this one.

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