Christian Faur’s Crayon Art

Christian Faur is a talented artist who resides in Granville, Ohio. In 2o05, his young daughter opened a box of crayons and their lives changed forever. In a moment of true inspiration, Christian decided to create masterpieces out of the crayons.. using them as pixel colors. Similar to artist Eric Daigh, the process begins by scanning a photo into his computer and breaking the image down into colored boxes. A grid is drawn to indicate where each crayon will be placed then it is packed together in a wooden frame. He has also created a “crayon language” that allows him to hide messages within his work (the colorful crayons within the black and white photo-realistic pieces). Christian makes his own crayons, hand casting each one individually from a mold. Incredible. Check out more of Christian Faur’s work on his website. I recommend also checking out his work with paper!


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