Rita Studio’s Green Living Room

Rita Studio created this pretty installation – which is, a full size dollhouse living room set. Loove. Behind Rita Studio is Karine Corbeil and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard who have embodied Rita since 2004. Rita is now based in Montreal and Lausanne. I love their playful designs (visit their website to see what I’m talkin’ bout). This group knows how to make an impact. (Drama!) They got the ‘wow’ factor. Check out more of their great work, here.

“We represented the typical style of a Québec living room, the mix of styles and influences taken from trends throughout the years. We used archetypical decoration and lay out. Far from modern condo-style-loft-etc. living rooms which cover the pages of hip magazines, this living room could be yours. Is it really design? What is? “

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