Henry Hargreaves is Finger Lickin’ Good

Henry Hargreaves, photographer and designer extraordinaire created a font out of bacon. Henry is more then just talented- he’s a visionary. Really? Yes. I could discuss his toast portraits or posters from hair or rainbow spaghetti. But honestly, I think it would be too mind blowing to have them in one layout together. So please enjoy the masterful work of Mr. Henry’s Bacon Alphabet. And check out his other great work on his website, here.

And in the odd chance that Henry Hargreaves ever reads this:

Dear Henry, the world needs to know more about you. I have scoured the internet and it’s always the same quoted statements from your website. Yes, I know that you settled in Brooklyn, NY and have worked with Sagmeister and as pin-up boy for Prada, YSL, Jil Sander, Lacoste. But, I’d like to know more.. because, simply put- you’re too talented for us to not know more about you! An online interview or something personal about your inspiration would be nice. Thank you collectively from all the bloggers and designers and the blogging designers.

5 Responses

  1. Wonderful! this could be the perfect way for teaching the alphabet while giving food to “mummy..I don’t want to eat this” children! 🙂

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