Amanda McCavour Draws a Thread

Amanda McCavour, Toronto based artist, uses an interesting technique to create the work you see below. Utilizing the water-soluble fabric known as Solvy, allows her to thread together a piece which is void of any filling or insides.. leaving only the outline… resulting in what has become lovingly known as Amanda’s thread drawings. Much of her work is displayed as installations or sculptures themselves; being hung from the ceiling by thread.

Amanda is a very talented and busy artist. If you’d like to catch her work on display, she will be taking part of a project called Do West for Design Week in January. In February, she will have an exhibit in Sudbury. In March, she will be in Toronto at Lonsdale Gallery. She is also going to be at Design Exchange where she will be doing a large installation piece based on patterns. If you get a chance to check out her work, I recommend it- Amanda’s craft is one of those.. breath-taking in photos but knocks your socks off in person. Check out more of Amanda’s work online, here.

“The process that I use is actually one where the fabric that I use dissolves in water, leaving the thread that I have sewn behind. I sew with a sewing machine into the fabric so that the thread can start to hold together. Later, when the fabric is dissolved the work can hold together without a base.” Amanda via My Modern Met

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