Ghost of a Dream Hit the Jackpot!

Ghost of a Dream is an artistic collaboration between the talented Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was. Together, they create brilliant sculptures and installations which truly capture the essence of their poetic name. Using losing lottery tickets, Adam and Lauren re-create the dreams and aspirations of the losing player. Separately, Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom are both established artists who have obtained MFAs from Rhode Island School of Design.

The dynamic duo was established when they stumbled upon a losing lottery ticket while walking their dog, Banana. Inspired by the holographic imagery, they decided to create a three-part series, the “Dream Car” the “Dream Vacation” and the “Dream Home”. Adam and Lauren match the price of the tickets to the price of the actual item being made. For example, $70,000 worth of lottery tickets were used to create “Dream Home” and it could cost $70,000 for a home. $39,000 in lottery tickets were used in creating “Dream Car” and the sticker price on the Hummer was $39,000.

Check out all of their great art, on the Ghost of a Dream website, here. Also you can currently check out their exhibit in New York at Davidson Contemporary with a solo exhibit coming February 14th- March 17th.

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