London Fieldworks Builds a Kingdom in the Sky

Within a city,  areas of designated trees become magical places of refuge. Jo Joelson and Bruce Gilchrist, otherwise known as London Fieldworks, have taken it one step further when creating the installation, “Spontaneous City In the Tree of Heaven”. Several hundreds of bird houses were carefully assembled on two Ailanthus Altissia trees, which is also known as the tree of heaven. The installation was a continuation of a previous project which spanned from Duncan Terrace Gardens in the East side of London to Cremorne Gardens in the west entitled “Super Kingdom” (also shown below). London Fieldworks  are an incredibly  talented duo, whose work is typically inter-disciplinary in installation, sculpture, architecture, film and animation. Check out all of their wonderful work on the London Fieldworks website, here.

1 Response

  1. Amazing construction and idea. Jo and Bruce done a great job, it’s like skyscrapers for birds) I hope soon will be populated and hatch many little birds)

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