Shauna Richardson’s Crochetdermy

Shauna Richardson is a brilliant sculptor/mad scientist who merges teddy-bears and taxidermy. Her creation has coined the term, Crochetdermy. Sculpting life-sized, and sometimes larger than life-sized, animals using friendly and approachable materials. What is even more amazing is that she will be touring around the East Midlands as part of London’s 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Artist’s Take the Lead. Shauna  created three monstrous lions which represent Richard the Lionheart’s three lion crest, to celebrate London’s rich history and invite spectators to participate in the activities. Breathtaking! Shauna invites everyone to join in on the fun of the Lion Heart Project! Check it out how to pledge patchwork, here. To find out more about this amazing artist and see the rest of her Crochetdermy series, check out her website, here.


3 Responses

  1. elmediat

    Fascinating subject. My wife is an Art teacher and she will share this with her students. Thanks for the post.

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