Irina Werning Goes Back to the Future

I was first introduced to Irina Werning from a blog post (which I’m still looking for to supply a link) on her series entitled, Back to the Future and Back to the Future 2. I couldn’t stop comparing the photographs, amazed that she had managed to recreate every detail. Photographer Irina Werning, born in Buenos Aires, recently traveled to Euro Disney, the Middle East, Istanbul and Iceland for the ongoing series. The series was inspired by a blurry photo of a woman who intrigued Irina. She now receives dozens of requests from around the world each day. Strangers that share their stories and welcome her into their home.

On her website, she says many people have become so inspired they have recreated photos of their own and sent them to her. She recommends everyone to send pictures to young me now me, for the world to enjoy! Which, I recommend visiting- it is highly entertaining!

To see more of Irina Werning’s amazing two-part series, check out her website: Part 1 and Part 2

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