Ari Seth Cohen’s Fashion Forward Golden Girls

I currently stumbled upon a blog, that is by no means “new“, but is fabulous in every sense of the word. Ari Seth Cohen’s website: Advanced Style appropriately describes the featured content. Ari photographs the fashion-forward New York street styles of women and men in their golden years. “I don’t think that my pictures should be that astounding to people or unique,” Mr. Cohen says “It should be as normal to see pictures of older women who are well dressed as it is to see younger women.” Bravo!

The site gets 100,000 unique visits a month and has spawned a book, which can be found here.  The devoted readers of all ages, find inspiration in the eclecticism and confidence in the women on the site. Women like Ilona Royce Smithkin: a flamboyant 91-year-old bachelorette, whose burlesque charms include a penchant for show tunes, daring colors and false eyelashes cut from her own shock of bright red hair! Even more endearing are the videos of men and women giving their fashion tips and insider how-to’s of style.

One encounter featured immediately made me smile. Ari approaches a fashionable woman for a photo and she responds, “But I’m an old Lady.” As Ari goes on to explain: “This is a response I hear all the time, when I approach people and ask if I can take their photograph. I always reassure them that they look wonderful and are exactly what I’m looking for. It saddens me to think that these gorgeous,vital, and creative women are made to feel less important and less beautiful as they age. After I was finished she thanked me with a big smile on her face and told me that I had made her day.”

Check out more of his wonderfully fashion forward ladies on his website, here.

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