Inky Balloons in “the Inflated/Deflated project”

Jillian, Lauren and Kady are three Chicago based inky designers who have taken the internet by storm. Their collaborated series, “The Inflated/Deflated project”  began as a project that could be used as an outlet to share large and small emotions/memories/inner monologues with the public. And as you can see, the public is listening. You can find the deflated balloons on sale at their Etsy store, here. And be sure to check out all of the balloons in their series, here.

“The words written on our balloons range from humorous quotes to heartfelt feelings and memories. These words are marked on the surface of inflated balloons, and like that of one’s thoughts being released, so too is the air of the balloon. Deflated the once largely marked letters become small, expressive, and intricate forms.” – The Inflated/Deflated project

5 Responses

  1. natlin123

    Yeh I agree, these have a real innocence about them (like children’s party balloons) with a deeper meaning being deflated. Really simple, effective and cool idea!

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