The Talented Mr. Grashow

Connecticut-based sculptor and installation artist, James Grashow was born in Brooklyn; the source of his inspiration behind the appropriately titled series, “Houseplants”. James carves delicate arrangements of floral bouquets that, upon closer inspection, host entire cities. His intricate details are astonishing!! The miniature cityscape either rise from the center of a flower or rest upon the leaves of hand-sculpted greenery. James created bouquets for Atlanta, New York City, Telluride (Connecticut), Brooklyn, Manhattan and New York University. His series of bouquets are both a celebration of the architectural motifs unique to the featured city, as well as a nod towards our balance within nature.  As James explains, “The word Houseplant is a perfect metaphor for the fragile relationship between nature and man.”   To see more of James incredible sculptures (which include a two-story cardboard sculpture!), check out his website, here.

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(Atlanta Bouquet)

(New York University Bouquet)

(Brooklyn Bouquet)

(Manhattan Bouquet)


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