Elaine Bradford’s Sweater Shooting Elephant

Houston-based artist, Elaine Bradford, has created a mind-blowing permanent installation at the Vinson Neighborhood Library. Her masterpiece involves a life-sized baby elephant who is, basically, shooting hand-knit sweaters onto a circling flock of geese. Elaine’s color palette was inspired by the Houston Zoo’s tropical bird habitat. Chisel 3D  assisted her vision by sculpting the 7 and a half-foot tall baby elephant. Elaine has paired with writer, J.D.Ho and illustrator, Rene Cruz, to create a book which explains the colorful story of the fascinating characters, entitled, “Pachikadi and His Flying Friends“. The book is available at the library for readers to check out. To see all of Elaine’s breath-taking sculptures, installations and crafty art, visit her website and Flickr photostream!

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