Christian Annyas is Enlightening!

Amsterdam-based web and graphic designer, Christian Annyas writes the most interesting and educational articles on design, typography and cinema. His blog is a must-read! Recently, Christian wrote an amazing essay comparing the evolution of Chevrolet’s speedometer design from 1941 to 2011. Placing the designs side-by-side creates a powerful example of each era’s typographical trends and the extent of how far they reach. And if you like this, you’ll love Christian’s article, “Handlettered Logos from Defunct Department Stores.” Christian is also the mastermind behind the popular website, The Movie Title Stills Collection. All that beauty and brains, too!

CHEVROLET truck (1941)

CHEVROLET truck (1947)


CHEVROLET Bel Air (1956)

CHEVROLET Nomad (1957)

CHEVROLET Apache truck (1959)

CHEVROLET Impala (1959)

CHEVROLET Viking truck (1960)

CHEVROLET Chevy Nova (1966)

CHEVROLET Camaro (1967)

CHEVROLET Corvette (1968)

CHEVROLET Camaro (1969)

CHEVROLET Chevy Nova (1970)

CHEVROLET Monte Carlo (1970)

CHEVROLET Silverado (1985)

CHEVROLET Venture (2000)

CHEVROLET Corvette (2003)

CHEVROLET Cobalt (2008)

CHEVROLET Cruze (2008)

CHEVROLET HHR (2008) speed meter

CHEVROLET Malibu (2009)

CHEVROLET Spark (2010)


CHEVROLET Sonic (2011)

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