Gabriel Moreno’s Senual, Inky, Lady-Lines

Gabriel Moreno, Madrid-based illustrator, has been creating beautiful art since he graduated from the University of Sevilla in 1998. But it wasn’t until he was selected by Computer Art magazine to be the top 20 new talents in 2007 that his career took off. He now has worked for virtually every major agency and numerous international publications and it is very easy to see why. Gabriel’s unique inky-style of flowing lines and sensual women has seduced the world over. His nimble lines have created a signature look within his delicate portraits.  Gabriel stays in touch with his fan base and regularly posts his works in progress on Facebook. To keep in touch and join his social network, check out his Facebook page, here! To see more of Gabriel’s art, check out his website here. And to purchase limited edition prints, please visit his gallery, here.

(Work in progress via Gabriel Moreno’s Facebook page)


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