Melissa Forman is Mesmerizing

Cleveland, Ohio based artist Melissa Forman is a commercial illustrator by day and brilliant painter by night. Her work has been exhibited world wide and it is very easy to see why. Her female portraits are mesmerizing; each telling a fantasy story with a hint of Melissa’s real life biography.  Not only is Melissa applauded for her breath taking paintings, but for her amazing knack with social media. The burning questions you may have for her have already been asked in many online interviews from various websites including Dailydujour, 1xRun and My Favorite MAOI. She welcomes artists and fans into her elaborate process as she explains in detail what goes into each masterpiece.

As she explains to Dailydujour: “…the first thing I do is come up with a vision in my head, sometimes I do thumbnail sketches and sometimes I don’t depending on how clear my vision is. From there, I decide on the costume/outfit, makeup and the overall look of the figure and then set up a photo shoot. I then take those photos and manipulate them in Photoshop until I can get the color and mood just right. I print out the finished Photoshop file on a large scale and then use that as reference. I then use transfer paper to transfer a quick line drawing to the board I will be painting on. Then all there is left to do is paint. I usually paint in two or three layers. The first is rather loose and transparent, but as I add more layers they become more refined and opaque.”

To see more of Melissa Forman’s amazing work and to see upcoming exhibits, please visit her website.

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