Krista Charles Lights A Fire

Krista Charles of Albuquerque, New Mexico has created an innovative series entitled “Matchbook Landscapes”.  Krista was inspired by her 90-year-old grandfather-in-law who kept a bag full of old matchbooks in a drawer. The branding featured on the labels are from another era; the typography on the outside alone is inspiring. And now they have become priceless as Krista pencils the current landscape on the inside envelope of each book. As the years have gone by, some of the businesses have been turned into parking lots, others are out of business and vacant, while others still are in business and thriving. What a wonderful time capsule which captures old and new. Nostalgic with an upgrade. To see more of Krista’s series, check out her website. Or you can purchase the matchbooks on Etsy, here.

“For each matchbook I find where the location of the business would be in Google Maps and on the inside cover of the matchbook I make a pencil sketch of whatever is now shown at this location. On average each drawing takes about two hours to complete. Sometimes the places advertised on the matchbooks are still in business even after decades have passed, some businesses have changed names and are under new ownership, and some buildings are empty or have been torn down and replaced by new buildings or parking lots or highway expansion programs and even empty fields. The age of the matchbooks I use vary, but all are a unique view into the previous business and the dreams of its owner and how these places and by extension all places and our histories change over time. Even the story of matchbooks has evolved and what was once a common item to give out to promote a business has now become a vintage item, rarer to find except in antique stores and our own junk drawers.” –  Krista Charles


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