Yoan Capote: Still Waters Run Deep

Cuban artist Yoan Capote uses unique and clever objects to create his beautiful mixed-media masterpieces. Below, is his piece entitled “Isla (See-scape)“, which extends 26 feet in width. Yoan used oil, nails, 500,000 fishhooks and 30 assistants to complete the piece which took 6 months. Wow!!!

Yoan gives a new meaning to the phrase, “still waters run deep”. From a distance, the water is beautifully tranquil but as you get closer, your eyes focus on the materials used and tranquil waters now appear dangerous, aggressive and powerful. As the perceptions are challenged, the viewer experiences an unexpected excitement that results from the massive, unending seascape combined with the energy of the thousands of hooks. To see more of Yoan Capote’s breath-taking art, check out his website, here.

 “I decided to use fishhooks in this series because I wanted to create a tension between beauty and seduction and danger and entrapment.” – Yoan Capote

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