Cecil Beaton, Inspirational Socialite Super-Star!

I’m starstruck just reading about Cecil Beaton’s glamorous life, celebrity entourage and glitzy style. He captured breath-taking imagery of artists, unique fashion-istas and celebrities alike. Cecil’s incredible eye for aesthetics to and his young socialite status propelled him to the heights of fame; working with Andy Warhol, the Rolling Stones, Twiggy, the Sitwells, Julie Andrews, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Not to mention, Cecil also won two Oscars for his costume designs in “Gigi” and “My Fair Lady”. He is a true inspiration to photographers, artists and fashion designers. To see more of his incredible work, check out Chris Beetles Fine Photographs (which specializes in photographic prints by the world’s most sought after photographers) website, here, to view the past exhibit on Cecil Beaton.

As David Wootton eloquently explains, his involvement in “Gigi” and “My Fair Lady” can be considered an apotheosis of Beaton’s art. “For, through a combination of design and (moving) photographic image, they present an exquisite, idealized imitation of an elegant Edwardian world, in which young people attempt to succeed in society.”

Cecil Beaton 1904-1980

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