Tran Nguyen is Dreamy!

Born in Vietnam and based in Georgia artist, Tran Nguyen is a master at creating magical paintings. In face, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was commissioned to illustrate the covers for comic books in the future!  She frequently uses elements of surrealism, magic, art nouveau and geometric patterns.  Tran (pronounced Tron) often employs muted, carefully controlled palettes and subtle textures. She frequently works “out of the box” by playfully extending parts of her images beyond the bounds of their background, as well as suggesting dimensional qualities of her geometric elements as though some of them floated above the surface of the picture.

Her paintings are created with a careful process of color pencils that are then glazed over with a thin layer of acrylic on paper. To see an in-depth look of the process behind theses masterpieces, check out the Richard Solomon website, here. You can also find an interesting Q and A session with Tran at, here. Tran Nguyen is represented by Richard Solomon- you can see all of her dreamy paintings on their website, here. Also, be sure to check out and appreciate her behance page! She also has a blog, here.

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