Heather Bullach Does It Again!!!!

This weekend was incredibly eventful. On a very personal note, I traveled to my hometown of Canton, Ohio to attend my wedding shower! For a city that was hit hard by the recession, it has proven to be equally as resilient! You may be familiar with some of the cities more well-known features- the Football Hall of Fame and McKinley Museum. But I’d like to highlight a source of constant amazement: the incredible art district! Sculptures line the streets of downtown Canton and a variety of galleries have moved into the previously vacant buildings. Every month, people fill the streets and walk from gallery to gallery during an event called “First Friday”.

One incredibly talented artist named Heather Bullach is located in this magical city. Her portraits are breathtaking! I truly believe that Heather must see the world in a different and beautiful light- as her unique attention to color has the power to captivate all. Heather specializes in oils however, her work with pastels is second to none. I am honored to hang the portrait below of Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in my living room. And recently, Heather amazed me once again, when she created three portraits which I gave to the bridesmaids in my wedding. Thank you so much Heather!! Check out more of Heather’s award-winning work, on her website- here. Or at her facebook page, where she posts all her new pieces and updates fans on her exhibit schedule.

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