Rena Littleson is Great With Graphite

Rena Littleson, an artist working out of Australia, received her B.A. in contemporary arts in 2005 and Post Graduate Degree in Graphic Design at RMIT in 2006-2007. Rena created a series of self portraits for a group show in Melbourne entitled Drawn Again. Armed with pencil and watercolor on paper, she creates incredible photo-realistic drawings. On her website, you can see many pictures of her remarkable lifestyle and other cartoon inspired pieces which make up her versatile portfolio. As described by her representing agency, Just Another Agency, “Rena has a bit of a dark sense of humour at times, often producing work which can be grotesque or violent yet playful and beautiful at the same time. She works in a photorealistic style, with a focus on portraiture, which has more recently been influenced by her growing interest in graphic design and graphic novels. She is currently working on a series of comics for her first graphic novel.”

To see more of her work, visit her website and flickr page.

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