Peter Clark’s Incredible Collages

Using found paper as his palette, artist Peter Clark creates intricate three-dimensional collages. He shades with density of print and creates substance and movement with lines plucked from old maps or manuscripts he finds in antique shops. Clark’s pieces are innovative as he utilizes the patterns and textures in a humorous way. Peter focuses much of his expertise on creating dog collage portraits, however his clothing and people portraits are equally incredible. To see more of Peter’s incredible collage sculptures, check out his website where you can purchase his book and original art!


82 Responses

  1. Great work. I wish you could elaborate more about the bio of artist and show pictures of his process. Right now it is an advertisement, which is ok. But more info please.

  2. I like those very nice and congratulations on getting Fresh Pressed. I have dabbled a little in collage myself but haven’t got round to posting them yet, but these are really special…

    1. Thanks I’m thinking of doing a mini art show when we reutrn to school I am accumulating a pile of these little collage guys! I use 5 7 pieces from my collection of handmade papers for the base then I watercolor on them, and glue cut pieces from magazines, cut up photocopies of my own artwork and drawings, and right now vegetables and leaves from the garden that I am scanning and then drawing on top of. Then I draw and color some more using crayons, pencil, chalk whatever looks good! Right now I’m photo-documenting the process, and will post that on the blog too. As I work I am trying to figure out how I can guide my students to be more playful and experimental in their own art making too. Stay tuned for more goodies!

  3. Jacquelinex

    Usually collage looks art school or crafty but these are wonderful. Like everyone I love the dogs and the last one is my favorite. As a fellow artist, I wish you well and continue this great work.

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