Alexandra Levasseur’s Amazing Art

Artist Alexandra Levasseur is a native of Shawinigan, Quebec, and now lives and works as an illustrator in Montreal. There are many wonderful themes within Alexandra’s work, including lush floral prints, teal, and the elements of natures (heat/fire vs. water). This year, she created a series of paintings that are organized by her emotion due to the weather/changing of seasons. As the year continued, the setting within each piece develops and reflects the internal struggle of the character. Check out more of Alexandra’s amazing work on her website, blog and Behance page! She currently has an exhibit entitled, “Diary of Seasonal Emotional Transmutations” from June 3rd to June 30th at Glamort, Tattoo and Art Gallery in Montreal. Also, prints of her work can be purchased on Etsy!

Past illustrations and paintings that are not within “Diary of Seasonal Emotional Transmutations“, but are so amazing- I had to share:

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