Darling D[di:]

Illustrator from Hokkaido, D[di:] has become well-known for her graphic novels “Fantastic Silent” and “Kigurumi”, while she was still a student at the Tama University of Arts studying oil painting. Her illustrated books have created a new genre called “Novel-Comic”.  Within her work, D[di:] mainly uses colored pencils; she also uses gouache and watercolor. With an incredible mixture of talent, she writes and draws. With her delicate touch of illustration, unique sense of rhythm and lyrical wordings, she has energetically continued to create cynical but sweet world of works. As a rare artist in wide range of genres such as novels, comics, illustrations, fashion and design, she has many celebrities from various fields to support her. To see more of D[di:]’s work or purchase her books and prints, visit her website and blog.

When asked about her pen name,

“I wanted to sign a name like I do not know nationalities and gender” –  D[di:]

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