Noel Cruz: Ain’t Makin’ Your Gramma’s Dolls

Continuing with the doll theme, it is my unbelievable pleasure to feature Noel Cruz. Noel uses doll faces as a three-dimensional canvas. Armed with acrylics and ultra fine brushes, he paints intricate photo-realist portraits. It’s incredible. What is even more incredible is Noel’s inspirational story of how he became a pop art icon.  Born in Manila, with a disadvantaged family the financial pressures forced him to live with his aunt in a small, sparsely furnished apartment. By the age of ten, Noel started drawing and by age 16 he was helping support his family by taking commissions for portraits. He has now been repainting dolls for 11 years, when his wife first brought up the idea. Noel lists every doll he paints on eBay. From conception to finished product, Noel’s masterpieces take him 3-6 day. Doing the hairstyle alone can take him anywhere from several hours to a day, depending on how simple or complicated the hairstyle is. To see more of Noel’s art, check out his website and deviantArt page. And to see his listings on eBay, click here!


8 Responses

      1. Modern Funk

        Audrey! Cher! Barbara! Holy crap these are amazing. This artist is incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing.

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