Jon Foster’s Thrill-Seekers

Jon Foster is a well-known Rhode Island illustrator, who is responsible for the creation of many science fiction and fantasy book covers, as well as comic book covers and graphic stories. His art has graced the cover and pages of DC and Dark Horse. Jon’s work features the emotions of thrill-seekers, in the moment when good and evil collide and adventure soars.

After completing his studies in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989, Jon went on to practice his technique of oil paintings on canvas. Before a project is complete, Foster scans his paintings into a computer to add digital effects. Lush and rich, Jon’s paintings of magical and fantastic worlds have established him as a comic artist icon. To enjoy more of his art, visit Jon’s website and Behance page.

“From content, to composition, down to the application of the paint, Jon makes you feel what is going on in his worlds…and his worlds are never one dimensional. The delightful paintings often have a underpinning of sadness, the sad paintings are often subverted with a dash of humor, the horrifying images are somehow beautiful…and the loving paintings often have just a bit of rust — and some dings and scratches — that makes the characters all the more loveable for their flaws.” – Irene Gallo, Creative Director for and Tor Books



2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love these. The conceptual nature of the imagery is really inspiring. The mid-action look of the characters provides a lot of movement and interest in each piece.

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