Cristina Troufa Paints Stories

Artist Cristina Troufa, born and based in Portugal, received her degree in painting at e Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto. She currently has a studio in Porto where she teaches classes and paints. Her work has a consistent theme inspired by Portuguese proverbs, popular expressions and cultural references. However, she often does not explain their meanings. Cristina’s prefers us to interpret each piece in our own way. Since negative space is just as important to our understanding of form as the form itself- we are often left wondering about the locations within each piece. It is the location and environment that is usually absent. Her unique style allows our eyes to move on the paintings in a controlled pattern. To see more of her beautiful work, check our Cristina’s blog and her page on Meseon. For more information, check our her interesting interview with Silvia Alonso, here.

“My work is always looked upon the world of women in Portugal. This is because each country has its customs even though there is always some resemblances. I paint the popular wisdom of sayings, the conversations I heard as a child among women, the folklore, stories of my life and my family. In most of my paintings I also paint animals because there is always an animal that represents certain situation or human character in the folklore. The purpose of my job is to show how I see the mentality and customs of the Portuguese society. I do not want to do a criticism but rather an exhibition. All the elements that appear in my paintings have always a meaning and a purpose.” – Cristina Troufa

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