Miss Aniela’s Surreal Photographs

Natalie Dybisz, who is also known as Miss Aniela, is an amazing surrealist photographer. Her work has been viewed by millions online, exhibited in galleries and fairs worldwide, and she has been described as a “star” by both American Photo and Photoicon. Miss Aniela works with commercial clients, fashion shoots, and has a breath taking fine art portfolio. Her new book covers it all, making it a great resource for those who are interested in portraiture. Miss Aniela’s book is a comprehensive guide to each shot and explains- not only what is in each shot, but why.  It includes Natalie’s creative process as well as showcases top portrait photographer’s work, “taking you on a behind the scenes journey from first concept to post processing.”

“Natalie ‘Miss Aniela’ Dybisz was born in Leeds, 1986, and studied BA English & Media at University of Sussex. Her career as an artist began whilst still at University, and shortly following, was sought to speak in the US for Microsoft and offered solo shows in London and Madrid. She is now a fine-art and commercial photographer based in London. Natalie’s work has been exhibited internationally in Europe and the US, with representation in Madrid, LA and San Diego, and six solo exhibitions to date.”

To see more of Miss Aniela’s surreal photographs, check out her website, blog and book.

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