Kelsey Beckett’s Femme Fatales

Kelsey Beckett (aka neeka) is the talented illustrator who hails from Detroit. Her online gallery showcases dramatic scenes featuring fierce femme fatales. Kelsey’s digital and traditional art depict incredible detail and color choices. Her blog is a must read; loaded with color studies as she experiments with new work. I eagerly await the launch of her new website, which is coming soon! You can follow her on tumblr and twitter, as well! To be honest- I think Kelsey could have a very bright future in comic book cover art (if she choose to go that route). Kelsey is currently offering $50 commissioned portraits- a great deal from an artist who we will absolutely be seeing more of in the future.












4 Responses

  1. Wow, I love the contrast of colors. These paintings are dark, and speak volumes. Especially the painting with the hands reaching to grab the woman but it seems like she is pushing them away. Almost saying you have the power to resist whatever temptations that will pull you down. I noticed that the hands were reaching up from a low place. The painting may be saying be strong against things that will bring you to its low level. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I have a few stories on my blog I would like for you to read and comment on. I would love your feedback.


  2. alexandreacook

    Very cool! I love how she takes facial expressions and the emotion behind human behavior to tell a very engrossing story.

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