Daniel Uytterhaeghe’s Cityscapes

Artist, Daniel Uytterhaeghe utilizes acrylics to create a glowing canvas. His street paintings transport you to the city for an urban fix. Daniel creates beautiful, silent moments within a buzzing metropolis. Born in 1963 in Lille, France – Daniel is a France based artist whose work can be found in many galleries. To see more of his amazing art, check out his website- here.

“I always feel good when I walk on the street in the city, my eyes are full of light, I enjoy the rain with beautiful reflections of light to paint, it’s like fireworks!” –  Daniel Uytterhaeghe


Miss Aniela’s Surreal Photographs

Natalie Dybisz, who is also known as Miss Aniela, is an amazing surrealist photographer. Her work has been viewed by millions online, exhibited in galleries and fairs worldwide, and she has been described as a “star” by both American Photo and Photoicon. Miss Aniela works with commercial clients, fashion shoots, and has a breath taking fine art portfolio. Her new book covers it all, making it a great resource for those who are interested in portraiture. Miss Aniela’s book is a comprehensive guide to each shot and explains- not only what is in each shot, but why.  It includes Natalie’s creative process as well as showcases top portrait photographer’s work, “taking you on a behind the scenes journey from first concept to post processing.”

“Natalie ‘Miss Aniela’ Dybisz was born in Leeds, 1986, and studied BA English & Media at University of Sussex. Her career as an artist began whilst still at University, and shortly following, was sought to speak in the US for Microsoft and offered solo shows in London and Madrid. She is now a fine-art and commercial photographer based in London. Natalie’s work has been exhibited internationally in Europe and the US, with representation in Madrid, LA and San Diego, and six solo exhibitions to date.”

To see more of Miss Aniela’s surreal photographs, check out her website, blog and book.

Cristina Troufa Paints Stories

Artist Cristina Troufa, born and based in Portugal, received her degree in painting at e Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto. She currently has a studio in Porto where she teaches classes and paints. Her work has a consistent theme inspired by Portuguese proverbs, popular expressions and cultural references. However, she often does not explain their meanings. Cristina’s prefers us to interpret each piece in our own way. Since negative space is just as important to our understanding of form as the form itself- we are often left wondering about the locations within each piece. It is the location and environment that is usually absent. Her unique style allows our eyes to move on the paintings in a controlled pattern. To see more of her beautiful work, check our Cristina’s blog and her page on Meseon. For more information, check our her interesting interview with Silvia Alonso, here.

“My work is always looked upon the world of women in Portugal. This is because each country has its customs even though there is always some resemblances. I paint the popular wisdom of sayings, the conversations I heard as a child among women, the folklore, stories of my life and my family. In most of my paintings I also paint animals because there is always an animal that represents certain situation or human character in the folklore. The purpose of my job is to show how I see the mentality and customs of the Portuguese society. I do not want to do a criticism but rather an exhibition. All the elements that appear in my paintings have always a meaning and a purpose.” – Cristina Troufa

Christiane Vleugels’ Divas

Christiane Vleugels, uber talented artist in Belgium, paints giant photo-realist portraits with oil. Her surreal use of light mixed with photo-realist details and proportions create her strong stylistic technique. Christiane’s interest in art began at the very young age of twelve, when her parents enrolled her into the Academy of Fine Arts; she was taught under the talented Herman Cornelis. Afterward, Christaine continued her art education at SISA and the Royal Academy of Antwerp.

Her work eventually began to exhibit in Egypt, Liverpool and the Galerie Des Beaux Art in Germany. As many artists have designers have experienced, the success came with much pressure and stress.

“For years I was forced to take on numberless commissions, many of them reproductions. When I look back at those tiresome years, during which I often felt myself under incredible pressure and even, at times, uninspired, I realize they were a necessary part of my artistic journey. After all, it is by taking on all those commissions that I learned to perfect my technique. I really do think I owe my various skills to that endless list of reproductions, strange as it may sound,” – Christiane Vleugels

Christiane no longer represses her urge to paint the ideas that spontaneously sprouted in her heart. As she describes on her website, her art is meant to tempt people to dream. To see more of Christiane’s portraits, visit her gallery on deviantart, here.

Jon Foster’s Thrill-Seekers

Jon Foster is a well-known Rhode Island illustrator, who is responsible for the creation of many science fiction and fantasy book covers, as well as comic book covers and graphic stories. His art has graced the cover and pages of DC and Dark Horse. Jon’s work features the emotions of thrill-seekers, in the moment when good and evil collide and adventure soars.

After completing his studies in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989, Jon went on to practice his technique of oil paintings on canvas. Before a project is complete, Foster scans his paintings into a computer to add digital effects. Lush and rich, Jon’s paintings of magical and fantastic worlds have established him as a comic artist icon. To enjoy more of his art, visit Jon’s website and Behance page.

“From content, to composition, down to the application of the paint, Jon makes you feel what is going on in his worlds…and his worlds are never one dimensional. The delightful paintings often have a underpinning of sadness, the sad paintings are often subverted with a dash of humor, the horrifying images are somehow beautiful…and the loving paintings often have just a bit of rust — and some dings and scratches — that makes the characters all the more loveable for their flaws.” – Irene Gallo, Creative Director for Tor.com and Tor Books


A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole with Kirsty Mitchell

The magical English artist/photographer, Kirsty Mitchell is planning to release her 3 year ongoing series, “Wonderland” this summer. The series began after her mother tragically passed from a brain tumor; resulting in Kirsty’s dive into the imaginary world. Working as a full-time fashion designer while creating the series is evident in her dramatic wardrobes.  Working beside the talented hair and make-up artist, Elbie Van Eeden, the team created breath-taking props, wigs, and sets that are so remarkable, it’s hard to describe in any way except other-worldly. As the series continued, the sets and costumes became bigger and bigger as Kirsty began working on the project full-time. Her story is one of inspiration and strength. I, amongst many, eagerly await her exhibition and book. To see some of the amazing photos, please visit Kirsty’s website: here. And! Make sure to visit the behind-the-scenes photos, which demonstrate the how elaborate the set design really is!

“It has been a roller coaster of emotion, and an enormous amount of effort, but now (finally) Wonderland is in it final stages, with its completion planned for the end of the summer 2012. There is still a great deal to be done, but for the first time in 3 years the end is almost in sight. At the point of writing this I still don’t know what the future holds, I just know that the day I see my mother’s name printed on the inside cover of the Wonderland book, it will feel like I have finally fulfilled my promise to myself…. and her precious memory.” -Kirsty Mitchell

Yuta Onoda’s Amazing Illustrations

Yuta Onoda was originally born in Japan and presently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He is an incredible illustrator / painter who has been commissioned for many magazine editorial illustrations. He has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, finding new avenues to express himself. Yuta is refining his style, based from his coursework from Sheridan College. Many of his personal pieces were drawn together using graphite, inks, and acrylics, combined with Photoshop to more or less define his style. Stemming from his childhood love of comics, Yuto outlines his images. He also likes to infuse his artwork with decorative elements and details, which comes from his love of Art Nouveau and Ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints. Currently, he has been merging Eastern styles with North American content, like the outdoor spirit of the Canadian wilderness. To see more of Yuta Onada’s amazing illustrations, check out his website and Behance page!