Kelsey Beckett’s Femme Fatales

Kelsey Beckett (aka neeka) is the talented illustrator who hails from Detroit. Her online gallery showcases dramatic scenes featuring fierce femme fatales. Kelsey’s digital and traditional art depict incredible detail and color choices. Her blog is a must read; loaded with color studies as she experiments with new work. I eagerly await the launch of her new website, which is coming soon! You can follow her on tumblr and twitter, as well! To be honest- I think Kelsey could have a very bright future in comic book cover art (if she choose to go that route). Kelsey is currently offering $50 commissioned portraits- a great deal from an artist who we will absolutely be seeing more of in the future.











Before the Parade Passes By

Every year on the first Sunday of September the small community in Zundert, Netherlands holds an extremely competitive parade of flowers called Bloemencorso. It began in 1936 and continues to this day. The neighborhood volunteers devote countless hours to building the beautiful eye candy; spending months building the car portion. The flowers are applied to the float within the frantic, final moments before the competition. “It is a day full of fatigue, excitement and emotion because after the procession, the results are announced. The winning car takes the main stage at the market. That moment is the climax of the parade, the Zundert Jubilee where the builders of the winning float burst with joy and celebrate their victory.” I would love to experience the emotions and see the beautiful floats first hand! Check out more of the floats and the winner on the Bloemencorso website, here.

YOU again!?

Where the heck have you been, Nicole?!?? That the F_?!

Truth be told: Many-a places. What a crazy time in the city. Since we were last here, I have gotten married, switched career paths, worked on some amazing projects (person and professional), met some amazing people and overall.. tried to find “normal” when life goes topsy-turvy.  It’s been a blast!

The wedding bells have rung and boy, was it a hectic bliss. The entire night went too fast! It was mostly a blur… but, in a good way. (Can you tell from the picture I was nervous?)

I created an installation for the ceremony. It took a little longer to make then planned and ended up weighting upwards of 90 pounds! That was a fun surprise when it came to safely transporting and mounting. (* a very special thanks to my dad, uncle Danny and Brian *) After the ceremony, the piece became a fun backdrop for photos!

And check out this good lookin’ wedding party:

Our photographer, Alix Klingenberg, is the best! She was completely chill and was able to go with the flow- even when we weren’t exactly sure where the flow was taking us. Alix has an exceptional eye and the amazing talent to capture (not just an image) but an emotion. We are so lucky she agreed to photograph our ceremony.

Meanwhile, in the wonderful world of real– my good friend who happens to be the very talented producer, Mr. Chris Karnak, approached me about a campaign he was starting with his former co-producer, Matt Liston. (You may be familiar with their past film, Chasing October). To be completely honest, I didn’t know the tragic tale of Adam Greenberg- but once I heard his story, I was more than happy to help! For those of you who may not know, Adam Greenberg was a former Cubs player who was hit by the very first pitch of his career in the majors. As a result, Adam received a concussion and vertigo… Never making it back to the big leagues. Well, not until October 2nd! Matt, Chris and Alejandro Marin created a video, petition and street campaign that demanded for Adam’s chance to have “One At Bat”. The campaign went viral and exploded!! Thus, giving Adam his well-deserved second chance with the Marlins. Adam donated his one day salary to charity and it was a heartwarming story all around. How in the heck do I fit in? Well keep an eye our for the dazzling posters that have plastered the nation (created by yours truly).

You see, I had a very good excuse for my absence. And believe me, this is only half the projects that have been going on. My next post will be back to usual; featuring some amazing work by incredible artists!

To see all of Adam and Matt’s journey to the big league, check out the video below! (I make a brief appearance as a major dingus at 02:48) Enjoy!

Teagan White’s Inky Illustrations

Previously, I’ve featured the talented illustrator in St. Paul, Teagan White. Since then, she has posted more intricate renderings of flora and fauna, cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography, and everything in between. Teagan begins each piece with an inky drawing and then digitizes them to add her harmonious color schemes.  Check out her website, here, to see more of her incredible art! And for a wonderful treat, check out her Society6 page to purchase prints.

Emma Uber’s Fierce Femme Fatales

Artist Emma Uber, of Australia, paints incredibly colorful portraits. Her series of oils and pastels incorporate beautifully detailed—and mainly feminine—faces that blend into backgrounds filled with thick, vibrant strokes, drips and smears of paint, and bursts of colorful shapes and flowers. Her use of a strong color palette and aggressive strokes, set against the soft features and expressionless faces, sparks an intense curiosity about each of her subjects. Voyeurism to the extreme. The women featured within Emma’s portraits are dripping with the seduction of James Bond’s fierce femme fatales. To see more of Emma’s beautiful paintings and works in progress, check out her website and facebook page.

Leonid Afremov’s Colorful World

Artist Leonid Afremov is a Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic who works mainly with a palette knife and oils. Leonid’s vivid paintings are dripping with Spanish and Romanesque architecture, glowing electric light, romantic themes and a permanent, golden autumnal hue.  Visit his website, here, where his amazing work is up for action at more than reasonable prices.

Fabian Perez’s Seducing Art-Noir

Fabian Perez is an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently resides in Los Angeles. Fabian is known for his unique style which is infamously exemplified in paintings of the tango and portraits. In 2009 Perez was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards. Fabian  likes to paint with acrylic because of it’s drying speed, which allows him to follow his impulses. The bold and symbolic imagery feels intensely passionate and film noir. To see more of his amazing paintings, please visit Fabian’s website, here.